• SAN MATEO COUNTY EXPO CENTER 1346 Saratoga Avenue East Palo Alto, CA, 94303 United States

Industry was thrilled to participate in the inaugural Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco Fair in October, 2015.   The latest addition to the Art Miami family of fairs, Art SV/SF brought together galleries from around the world to the heart of Silicon Valley. Industry was invited to exhibit a special installation of gallery artist Benjamin Rollins Caldwell’s “Binary Room,” which has now had the honor of traveling from Miami to New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Working within the confines of the existing booths and negative space surrounding the site-specific location, Rollins Caldwell once again provided visitors with a unique, experiential look at art of the future and past—an immersive installation of recycled computers, motherboards, hard drives, cables and more, all recomposed into walls, chairs, tables and chairs. Industry also exhibited the work of gallery artists Geoff Mann, Elena Manferdini, Maarten de Ceulaer, and Mathias Bengtsson in an adjoining booth---transforming the traditional white walls into canvas of contemporary design and art, punctuated by Bengtsson’s “Spun Benches” winding their way through and around the booth exterior.


The inaugural Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco Fair brought out collectors from across the Bay Area.

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