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In January 2011, Industry presented the first solo exhibition of Belgian-born, Italian-based designer Jens Praet. For this exhibition, Praet shredded and recycled copies of “Art in America,” “Capitol File,” “Details,” “Fast Company” and “Robb Report” magazines to create five different designs: console, bench, side table, large table, and shelf. Corresponding works for all the designs, except the large table, were also executed using shredded white documents mixed with resin. “Fossilized” was part of the designer's “Shredded Collection,” which originated out of his concern about sustainability and the amount of waste paper being generated globally. The amount of magazines (named edition) or documents (white edition) used to create each work:

  • Shredded Collection Console (Art in America & white editions), 11.1 pounds/5kg

  • Shredded Collection Bench (Capitol File & white editions), 6.65 pounds/3kg

  • Shredded Collection Side Table (Details & white editions), 13.25 pounds/6kg

  • Shredded Collection Large Table (Fast Company edition), 26.5 pounds/12kg

  • Shredded Collection Large Shelf (Robb Report & white editions), 8.85 pounds/4kg

What started as a research project," said Praet, "turned out to be continuously growing furniture collection that ended up transforming seemingly useless documents and leftover magazines into useful objects. Paper waste returns to our living or working area as usable furniture." According to the designer: "The shredded paper is mixed by hand with resin and put into a mold to harden. Once hardened to a firmness similar to wood, the work is finished by hand. Though we use a mold in shaping the piece, each work is in fact hand made and unique, because the exact mixture of paper and/or magazines differs from one piece to the next, affecting the color and appearance." 



Praet’s first solo exhibition drew international media attention, and was covered by the Cooper Hewitt Design Blog ( and contributor Fast Company itself, which marveled at Praet’s six-foot long, shredded table made out of recycled issues of the magazine as a “thing of beauty”

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