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  • INDUSTRY GALLERY West Hollywood, CA, 90069 United States (map)

     Industry’s latest exhibit examines one of man’s earliest inventions: the chair. They support us in our offices as we work, while conversely affording us comfort and relaxation when we fatigue. And oftentimes while we sit, we ruminate, whether that’s on a loveseat, a bench, or a stool, about questions such as the title of this exhibit “What Is Chair?”. By allowing us both support and space for thought, chairs play a larger part in our lives perhaps than we acknowledge. Because it’s often stationary, seating grants us feelings of stability, ease, and structure. 

     So what happens when we shake up that structure?

     We looked to our artists to showcase seating in new arrangements and mediums, such as Benjamin Rollins Caldwell’s Deuces Wild Chair, a metal chair frame covered entirely by Las Vegas card decks. The Spun Benches by Mathias Bengtsson act as much as spectacles as they do seating arrangements, posing the question how often do we think of appearance when coming to our comfort, and is it so important. Most fascinating may be Chisen Shiu’s FlexibleLove chairs, made of recycled paper and wood; the structures are capable of stretching and contracting like an accordion, and are available in the US only through Industry.   

     And when you observe these structures, you are also more than welcome to sit in them, feel them out, and truly reflect on what is supporting you.

Earlier Event: December 1
Later Event: March 24