Every fashion collection needs a proper setting that enhances it's beauty while maintaining a glory all its own. For Mulberry's Autumn Winter 2015 Catwalk Collection, the company enlisted the help of designer and sculptor, Tom Price.

The showroom featured five arches decorated with plastic piping cut into small circles, creating a canopy of snowy looking blossoms. An entire kilometer of plastic piping went into the production, taking a total of 5 months for Price and his team to furnish these frosty branches.

The installation's effect on the collection allows the viewer to place themselves in a winter setting, bundled in a Mulberry during the snowfall. The simplicity of the white coloring grants both a sharp, yet not distracting, backdrop, to which one may observe the clothing and accessories to their fullest colors.

The final result of this project arose, as Price puts it, from chance. A designer who enjoys a challenge, Price utilizes the ugly and unconventional to create unique and stunning visual pieces. Similar to how the Mulberry collection highlights the evolving styles of England, Price's work showcases the evolution of the ordinary into extraordinary.

To showcase the new collection at London Fashion Week Mulberry commissioned British artist Tom Price to create an ethereal installation based on the theme and inspiration. The resulting five largescale arches with their overspilling 'blossom' formed a dramatic backdrop to the showroom. Explore Autumn Winter 2015 at Mulberry:

Dennis Delgado