Stairways always lead to new places, new levels to explore.

The Oyler/Wu collaborative took that aspect of stairways both literally and figuratively in their newest creation.

Dubbed a "spiral staircase," the creation was made for the Los Angeles 3DS Culinary Lab to highlight the innovations brought about by 3D printing. Given the lab's creation of cutting edge products (literally), those in charge desired a space which also simulated that idea, leading to the involvement of Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu.

"None of these building technologies is super new, but it's how you incorporate them," designer Jenny Wu says. "We're using technology and traditional ways of fabrication hand in hand."

The initial stairs resemble the teeth of a piano from the side; by the landing the wood and metal intertwine in a formation that emulates the spiral of DNA. The classical look of wood woven among the metal makes for a stunning amalgamation to create the avant-garde display.

Like the food served at the 3DS Culinary lab, the staircase gives us viewers a taste of the future of design, form and function.

Dennis Delgado