Benjamin Rollins Caldwell Talk at TEDx

Industry Gallery's, Benjamin Rollins Caldwell recently conducted a talk on the TEDx Greenville stage where he discussed the relationship of addiction and his work.

Addiction is a tough and very personal topic for Benjamin. As a globally recognized artist, he shares how he's harnessed this emotional struggle to deliver vivid commentaries. Benjamin has dual degrees in art and business from Westmont College in California. After completing his degrees, he returned to his home state of South Carolina where he opened BRC Designs and worked as a Brand Manager and Designer for Votivo.

The process for the TEDx talk started in September. Benjamin was nominated by a local woman who had read an article in a local magazine about the Binary Chair and Lady Gaga. After being nominated, Caldwell went through a multi stage process where out all the nominees he was selected as 1 of 10 speakers.

"My talk started with the recycling aspect and through the process I finally arrived at the core of my talk which involves the under tones of addiction in my furniture philosophy." - Benjamin Rollins Caldwell

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Dennis Delgado