Architect Elena Manferdini makes a two-hour commute every day, something many would loathe the thought of. Manferdini, however, welcomes the time to herself.

"There is no phone, no nagging, no people, & I just enjoy the motion," she says.

The "motion" she speaks of is the centerpiece of her collaboration with BMW, All About Movement, a vibrant synthesis of colors and patterns set upon large walls and the floor. The blurred, industrial look of each panel imitates the sights we see from our vehicles, as motion causes them to blend together before our eyes. When gazing upon each installation, a viewer perceives a city-scape from a moving car; Manferdini believes this grants us a look at a sight we usually only see when in motion.

"I think the car is an experience," Manferdini says. "It is also the experience of movement... and how it (movement) shifts also your way of looking at things."

In a way different from photography, Manferdini's pieces capture the sensation of motion, while keeping in place the impression of movement. It allows for the body to stay at rest, while the mind whirs away in thought.

Dennis Delgado