Design in Motion, picture courtesy of The Edinburgh Reporte

Design in Motion, picture courtesy of The Edinburgh Reporte

When we talk about artists hitting the road, we usually are referring to musicians on tour.

In this case, one of our favorite artists, and designers, Geoff Mann, is literally taking his art to the road. As part of the Victoria & Albert Museum of Desgin Dundee, or V&A Dundee, Mann's work will be featured on the museum's national touring exhibition of Scotland, called Design in Motion.

Through this travelling medium, an estimated 10,000 are expected to view Mann's pieces, as well as those of fashion designer, Holly Fulton, and game designer, Sophia George. According to V&A Dundee, Design in Motion will allow the museum "to share the excitement, innovation and breadth of design with audiences across the country."

Interestingly, it adds additional depth to Mann's own work, inspired by movement and natural pathways; it's that much more fitting that they be part of a travelling exhibit. His examinations of motion and space shall be considered by a much larger audience, whose viewpoint will change from area-to-area. These changes in perspective increase the meaning of the work as well as it's own symbolic value; how does art change when it is moved?

In Mann's own word's, he labels himself as a "creative director" as it grants him freedom to work across various mediums, without being limited to the label of painter or sculpture. Now his artwork can be just a free to move about as he does.

Dennis Delgado