Jenny Wu is a classically trained architect who uses her background in avant-garde structural design as inspiration for her line of 3D wearable designs. Video by dwell

Our very own Jenny Wu found herself featured on Porsche’s “Powered By Design” series, which features contemporary designers and their works.

Wu, founder of LACE 3-D printed jewelry and co-founder of the Oyler Wu Collaborative, discusses the role of technology in her work, along with the challenges & rewards that come with it. As equipment continues to develop at an exponential scale, artists like Wu strive to utilize new machinery to create formerly impossible designs.

“I want a piece that makes a statement when you are standing far away, but as you move closer to it you can see another layer of information,” Wu says of her work. Her technique draws from “delicate, refined elements” and intertwining them together into a larger “statement” as she calls it.

“The way the pieces are interlocking… gives it a statement that is just unexpected,” says Wu. “(The technology) allows us to use all these kinds of digital tools to create amazing things unseen before.”

Dennis Delgado