Image courtesy of RACKEDLA

Image courtesy of RACKEDLA

The world just can't seem to get enough of Jenny Wu and her 3-D printed jewelry. The architect/designer opened up recently to Racked LA about LACE, her line of jewelry constructed from materials ranging from flexible nylon to sterling silver.

Wu revealed the inspiration for such adornments comes from her background as an architect, which exposed her to the possibilities of three-dimensional printing. By last year, her prototype necklaces began to receive much attention.

"In December of 2014, I attended Art Basel Miami and brought a few of the prototype necklaces with me," Wu said to Racked. "Wearing them around Miami that week, I received so much attention with the jewelry that I decided to design a collection of my own"

In addition to her beginnings, Wu also shares the time spent creating such pieces, as well as who she'd love to see rocking her designs. Read up more here.

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